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We Love Giving Back to Local Communities

Real martial arts aren’t just a force to be used on the streets. They can also be a force for good. At the School of Martial Arts West LA, we embrace community service and routinely host events which encourage wellness such as free self defense classes, group meditation sessions and free classes at the beach. Moving forward, we will continue to become involved in more community outreach programs in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and other nearby areas.

Learn How to Mediate for Free through Group Meditation Sessions

After a rough day of work, relieving stress is often the first thing on our minds. When you know how to meditate, stress becomes more manageable during all parts of the day. At the School of Martial Arts West LA, meditation is a critical part of our philosophy, serving as the foundation of our studies. Meditation is also a wonderful compliment to many disciplines, such as yoga and Tai Chi. We are proud to offer free meditation classes every Thursday night at 7:30 pm. Each week, Sifu Ryan Scott leads students in a group meditation. He gives an inspiring talk and teaches you by offering tips on posture, mindfulness and controlled breathing.

Knowing How to Meditate: A Skill that Lasts a Lifetime

As one deals with hardship over the course of a lifetime, knowing how to meditate help alleviate daily stresses and allow you to free your mind from external pressures. If you find that you like meditation, the School of Martial Arts West LA invites you to take your abilities one step further by learning self defense and Tai Chi.
Many students who started in our free meditation classes have gone on to enjoy our adult martial arts classes. Our gender-neutral self defense classes are accessible to individuals of all talent levels and offer a total body workout that’s hard to find anywhere else. Also, Tai Chi is well-known for its longevity; students practice and see benefits through old age.