Goals: Building your Path

This time of year is pure magic. I’m not talking about the holidays. Those are over. I’m talking about the potential of the new year. Many of us use this time to look back on the previous year, see what we did well and what we could have done better, evaluate our goals then decide [...]

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I recently heard a great story about perspective that I will paraphrase here. View from the toll booth A man was approaching a line of tollbooths on the freeway in San Francisco. He began to dread the most mundane, sometimes depressing kind of interaction that you get with someone stuck in a toll booth. Yet [...]

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Choking in Martial Arts

When I was young I used to choke a lot. I mean this both in the physical sense (me choking on something, not choking someone else as we do in the adult martial arts classes) and the mental sense. For instance, I used to be totally incapable of taking pills. I would psyche myself out [...]

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Rank in Martial Arts (updated)

About two years ago I wrote an article about rank in martial arts after Chris earned his red sash. We’ve had many tests recently, so I’ve decided to revisit it with some changes and additions. Enjoy!   How do you get a black belt? You find a competent teacher and a good school, begin your [...]

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Relationships: We are not Statues

The question of the week in the dojo is about your relationships, “What is the most enjoyable thing your family has done together in the last three years?” For many of the students who have brought their family to the dojo, practicing martial arts might be that thing. For those of us who no longer [...]

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Acceptance and Surrender

A few days ago I got a great question from a student. She asked about the difference between acceptance and surrender. Here are my thoughts.   In general, we fight a lot. Struggle is important because it helps us grow. Moving your body against resistance builds muscle and stamina. Similarly, having difficult conversations helps you [...]

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Forgiveness and Martial Arts

Last week’s challenge was to forgive someone. We got a lot of great responses from it, so I’d like to talk a bit about forgiveness in general and how it relates to our martial arts and meditation practice. First, who is forgiveness for? When I asked the kids, they answered, “For the other person, sir!” [...]

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