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Become a Better Student After School with Kids Martial Arts

At the School of Martial Arts, we make learning fun and achievable for all ages. The kids martial arts program for ages 9 and up is a dynamic form of Kung Fu, called Wushu. This class teaches discipline and self defense to kids in a high energy, welcoming atmosphere. We use techniques seen in styles like taekwondo, jiu jitsu and karate, so our school exposes your child to a wide spectrum of movement. Your child’s confidence will grow as they learn how to punch, kick, grapple and more, while also learning valuable life lessons in concentration, accountability and appreciation for what hard work can accomplish.

Zoom Wushu kids martial arts

Your kids will learn valuable life lessons

Learning martial arts when he was young marked a huge breakthrough for Sifu Scott that helped him to mature, learning confidence and respect at an early age. In the same way that kids martial arts had a positive impact on him, it can help your child blossom in new ways. These changes show up at school and in the home, as kids learn a different approach to challenges and problem solving. Wushu serves as an effective anti-bullying tool as Sifu Scott works with the kids to develop self defense skills while cultivating a positive attitude. Wushu challenges children’s minds, keeps their bodies active, builds partner skills and proves a powerful influence in every aspect of a child’s life. Through hard work and commitment, your child’s life will change through the most ancient form of martial arts, Kung Fu.

Our kids martial arts classes are available after school on weekdays and in the mornings on weekends.