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Most dojos fall under one of two categories: fight clubs or day care. The School of Martial Arts West LA is different. We offer a third choice: Real Martial Arts, taught well. Our teaching style strikes a balance between tradition and a modern, scientific approach to self defense. Getting in great shape? That’s just a bonus.

Our martial classes combine intense total-body workouts with cutting edge self defense. Students work in collaboration, practicing real-life hand to hand combat to instill greater confidence and mindfulness in all aspects of life. Whether you are interested in learning practical self defense skills, Kung Fu, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we offer exceptional philosophies to apply to everyday life, resulting in the absolute best martial arts experience.

Our Tai Chi and meditation classes teach mindfulness and attention to the breath leading to a decrease in stress and better health. The slow movements of T’ai Chi promote strength, flexibility and balance. You are invited to take the practice of T’ai Chi and meditation into your home and life, often leading to unexpected benefits that can last a lifetime. Students of T’ai Chi and meditation develop a life long practice.


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