I’ve been a student at SOMA – WLA for 3 months now and i’m hooked. The Teacher Shifu Scott is so skilled and such a kind individual. All the students there are so friendly. It feels more like a family/school. You feel safe and at peace to practice without feeling like you need to compete or show off. Emphasis is put on technique for safety and good execution day after day. I’m taking Tai Chi as well. What a graceful way to be present and challenge your posture, core strength and mind. To me, a form of choreographed meditation .
Shifu Brown, Shifu Scott’s master, comes out on occasion and gives a master class. Mind blowing technique and forms and wisdom.
The school is out of my way and i told Shifu Scott i would try it for a month, since i had it free, but i would not be able to sign up. I’m signed up and working my schedule around the classes schedule. This school is a healthy addiction.

Thank you Shifu Scott for your passion for kung fu and most importantly for teaching.

Henri L.
I adore this school! Beautiful location, killer 2nd story window view, and free under ground parking onsite.

Previously, I studied mixed martial arts for roughly 3.5 years, dabbling in Mui tai, Tai Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu. Primary focus in Kung Fu and Boxing. All this being said I’ve been to a few schools!!!

Sifu Ryan Scott is the main instructor here and his focus is quite unique to any other teacher I’ve encountered previously. He is very expert at teaching the very practical self defense techniques and martial application without sacrificing the essence and tradition of martial arts roots. This, all, something of which I had been missing in the past. Techniques are taught in such a way that no matter if one is beginnger or advanced everyone has something valuable to gain from every class.

I’ve practiced Tai Chi and Kung Fu here for about 8 months now and the level of self awareness and discipline that I have gained as a result has been beyond measure!

School of MA also offers a Meditation class at 7:30pm every Thursday which is FREE and open to the public. Here, Sifu Ryan Scott gives a brief enlightening talk before roughly 30 min Zen meditation. He stresses the importance of an internal practice as well as the physical. Also, a happy, healthy and well-balanced nature is exuded from all the students who practice here. Young and Old!

Best school in the area!

Tabitha Tulsi C.
This place deserves 5 stars! At the time of this writing, every single review has given this dojo the highest rating. Seifu Scott, the staff, and the students were all really nice and really broke it down for those who were beginners. I have never taken any sort of martial arts class but I didn’t feel embarrassed practicing the moves and everyone was very encouraging. Seifu
Scott promotes mediation and mindfulness during the martial arts practice and goes over how to approach different situations that can happen when you’ll need self-defense. I personally believe every woman should take some sort of self-defense class and many of the techniques are easy to master and you don’t need a lot of upper body strength.

The dojo has a variety of classes from 10am-8pm Monday through Thursday. These classes include Jr. Wushu (5-8 years old) Wushu (9+), Adult Martial Arts, T’ai Chi, and Meditation (free!). They host a free mediation session every Thursday at 7:30pm.

Free onsite parking! Huge plus in LA. Also if you come to a class after 6pm on weekdays or the weekend, you’re in the clear with street parking.

Evelina A.
I grew up taking tae qwon do classes and have been dying to get back into martial arts.

I am also a pilates teacher and yoga lover with a very distinct idea of how classes should be taught and studios should be run.

All that back story is just to show validity when I say how much I LOVE the School of Martial Arts West LA!!!!

I was so nervous going into my first class, worried that it would be too hard or not taught well. Boy was I happily surprised!

The classes are so good and hard and also are FUN. I am learning so much and I am developing a strength and mindfulness that yoga and pilates have not grown in me.

Additionally I am more confident in my life, knowing that if I were to ever get into a precarious situation I will be able to protect myself.

I am so greatful I have found this school and excited for more classes. I will definitely be recommending this school to my fellow pilates and yoga teachers as well as to my clients and my friends and their kids.

L. D.
Sifu Ryan Scott makes learning kung fu accessible but challenging. The classes are always high-energy, and I never fail to get a great workout. I also enjoy the meditative aspect — there’s a short meditation at the beginning of each class, and every Thursday evening, Sifu gives a talk on meditation, and leads a 20-minute group meditation. I learn as much from this as I do from Kung Fu class.

The other students at this dojo are a warm and welcoming group, which makes going to class all the more appealing. There’s a sense of community that I haven’t found at other places.

tl;dr — great work out, challenging art form, and a wonderful vibe. RECOMMENDED.

Rob C.
I’ve been taking classes here for almost a year and a half, and when I look back at where I was when I started, I sure have changed quite a bit.

Maybe this review might be a little more mystical for your taste, but if my words escape you, feel my meaning. It’s easy. We’re magical.

Anywho, I have always been very much a nervous person. Always with a ton of energy, but energy I never really knew how to control. This was always a problem, being that I do some acting work and energy healing, I really need to be focused, present, and completely in control. I sort of joined this dojo when I was at my wits end with myself. The things I loved the most were so hard for me to not stress over. Is the make up artist going to be mad at me for messing up my hair because i NEED to jump up and down to get rid of my nervous energy? Is my client going to ask me about their energy when I was too nervous to be in the moment, connected to my intuition, and able to listen? Oy vey. How much meditation must I do in order to be able to be a normally functioning human being, not filled with anxiety, and walk into this audition and show them that I won’t be a nervous wreck on set?

This dojo not only teaches you how to be a great martial artist and to defend yourself, but really shows you how to be in control of yourself at all times.

Sifu Scott teaches mindfulness. He teaches you how to be a warrior in your daily life, and how to deal with everything that confronts you.

Although meditation is really important to this dojo, I actually started meditating LESS. I used to meditate at least an hour a day (for years), and still didn’t feel like I could handle being human. Since Sifu taught us the importance of the breath, catching your emotional bolder before it runs you over, and mushen (the pause. the moment between the stimulus and response), everything has changed in my life. I can meditate for like 15 minutes, but function much better than before. I can also audition without having to do an emotional “i’m good enough, smart enough, and dog gonnit, people like me” prep. And here’s the big one- my Reiki is more honest. I didn’t even know what that meant before. But being able to stay with your breath and just be with the flow, really helps you connect to your intuition. Who knew that martial arts would help me understand how to ground my energy. Thank goodness. It’s finally happening! (And I felt compelled to stop taking my anti-depressant/anxiety medication. And hey, I just need to keep up with my spiritual hygiene, but I’m fine!)

He offers a free class to try out the goods. If I were you, I’d come on a day that he teaches both kung fu and t’ai chi and try both.

Or just come to a free meditation class @7:30 every Thursday night. Bring a friend. Bliss out.

If you’re on a journey to be the best person you can be for yourself and others, this could be your missing piece. It was definitely mine. A Reiki teacher of mine once said that the best gift you can give others is your own well-being. Come join our dojo and be well!

Ese M.
As a woman, I was a little apprehensive of taking a martial arts class because I’ve just never seen myself as a fighter. However, I was happily surprised at what a great workout I was getting! Sifu Scott helped perfect my technique and with all the drills I can see how defense moves become second nature. Everything I learn in class is highly valuable if I ever get put into a situation where self defense is needed. I recommend all women should learn and practice.
Lindsey A.
Sifu Scott is the bomb. He’s super dedicated, very patient, and an excellent teacher for students of all levels and ages — beginner, advanced, and kids. The classes are great for self-defense, and he also teaches meditation and tai chi. If you’re lookin for the authentic martial arts experience, this is it.
Randall M.
This school is your chance to take control! I can see how Sifu Scott’s classes can really be life-changing for so many people. He has a no bs attitude, but he’s not patronizing. He directs every student to question assumptions and move towards the path of self-empowerment.

The workout – it’s a crazy workout that ends in this high-energy state of excitement and bliss, even when you are sore from the class the night before, even when you’ve decided to be a genius and cut out carbs for a couple days. I can come to class thinking “there is no way I can get through this” and five minutes in, I’m in the zone, completely unaware of the time passing while I’m playing Laura Croft and practicing some sweet round-house kicks. A couple months ago I didn’t even like working out. I’d rather be on the couch binging on ice cream and Breaking Bad. Now – and this is the really crazy part – I *want* to work out. It’s plain crazy. Crazy.

Meditation practice – I can tell you that this is one of the best sources of motivation to keep me on my cushion. From what other students have told me, most martial arts studios don’t make that strong of a bridge between the mental and physical practice. Sifu Scott offers a free community meditation on Thursdays and is quite diligent at enforcing a committed practice.

The other students – An amazing aspect of this class is the attitudes of the adult students. No one in there is fucking around just for fun, but no one will judge you for being new or unsure of yourself since they were probably in the same shoes about a month earlier. You’ll be kicking ass in a month too.

[Classes range from $170 a month for Adult Martial Arts, $130/mo. for Tai Chi, $210 for both. You must join for at least 6 months, which will benefit you in the end, even if you are resistant. If you pay up front, you get a 10% discount. You will need to pay for your uniform, which from what I remember was more than $50 and less than $100.]

I guess my only warning would be to novice students like myself. You will want to tell everyone that you are doing Kung Fu. You will want to show off your moves to friends. It takes a long time to be a real Kung Fu master, and there are a lot of posers out there from what I’ve learned in Kung Fu movies. Try not to choke anyone, please.

Ilana G.
This school is wonderful. Not only are the classes a ton of fun, but I feel like I’m finally practicing real martial art. I’ve studied in a few different schools and everything else seems so superficial compared to this. Meditation and mindfulness are finally a part of my life, and I feel like a part of something bigger than myself. Highly recommend.
Jeff J.
My daughter was being bullied at school .
After 3 sesions w/ Seifu Scott she is no longer afraid to attend classes.
It’s not too crowded so you get alot of attention
Lorenz J.
This place is literally as good as it gets.

I have tried running, swimming, instructional videos and praying in order to get in shape. It was not until I visited Sifu Sott’s School of Martial Arts – West LA that I could really commit to physical and mental well-being.

Sifu Scott is without a doubt the best instructor in the Greater Los Angeles area. During the class, he takes time to work with each student individually as he teaches self-defense techniques that are both practical and effective. Not only do the classes teach physical techniques, but there is also a large mental component that is of equal focus. This includes everything from meditation to simply being mindful of your breath.

Overall, I would recommend this class to anyone looking to enhance their well-being, or even if you’re just looking for a great work out!

Michael S.
Oh man what a JOY this dojo is! I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts but was intimidated to get into it. Sifu Scott is very welcoming and above all KNOWLEDGEABLE. He clearly explains what to do in various self-defense situations and why each movement is so important in response. I’m already learning a lot and the workout is intense! I’ve never been this pumped to go right back into something like this several times a week. P.S. I’ve also been taking Sifu Scott’s Tai Chi classes for a few weeks now and already feel less stressed and more balanced.
Bora K.
If you’ve been looking for a great school that will provide excellent instruction, a welcoming training environment, and an emphasis on developing the mind _and_ body, look no further. Sifu Scott is a great teacher, and I’m very happy to have found his school. I had taken Kung fu before, about 10 years ago, so I had a pretty good idea what I was looking for in a school. I was also very aware that I would be extremely rusty, and that I needed a teacher and a training environment that would be supportive. I highly recommend the West LA School of Martial Arts, so much so that I plan to enroll my son here.
Tony S.