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Real martial arts at last! ... the School of Martial Arts West LA has truly turned out to be what my wife and I have been looking for for our 2 kids. Even if your kids have been practicing for years like mine have, they haven't practiced like this. --Matthew B.

Expect the quality of teaching from Sifu Scott as some of the best you will find in the entire country. He wisely teaches the deep philosophical aspects of martial arts, which is nearly lost in today's teachings. As a result, the effective physicality of martial arts is simply a happy by-product. --Christopher S.

The classes are a great workout and always fun and filled with practical martial arts techniques from stand up striking to grappling and everything in between. ...anyone will feel comfortable walking in for their first class no matter your age, gender, or skill level. --Matthew E.

Sifu Ryan Scott does a superb job teaching effective martial arts in a traditional setting, incorporating meditation and mindfulness. This is truly a unique school and I couldn’t feel luckier being Sifu Scott’s student. –Patricia G.

My son Nathan just turned 6 and I've been wanting to get him into martial arts. I was looking to get him into a school that isn't over-crowded and is reasonably priced. I highly recommend this school and my son Nathan couldn't be happier. --Allison S.

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Our classes combine intense total-body workouts with cutting edge self-defense. Our students learn a time-honored skill, and they have fun doing it. Getting in shape? That’s just a bonus.

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Call to schedule your Complimentary Intro Class

Why We’re Different
Why We’re Different
Most Dojos fall under one of two categories: fight clubs or day care. The School of Martial Arts is different. We offer offer a third choice: Real Martial Arts, taught well.
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
At the School of Martial Arts, we strike a balance between tradition and a modern, scientific approach to self-defense.
Advice For Beginners
Advice For Beginners
There can be a huge difference in quality of instruction and overall experience from one school to the next. Make sure to do a little research before you decide on a Dojo for you or your family.