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The question of the week is: Do I search for purpose and meaning, or does it find me?Finding Purpose and Meaning

This hints at our experience of finding purpose and meaning in life. For many of us it seems like a long journey, perhaps even one without an end. It may feel like we will search for a purpose forever. For others, especially if we have already found our purpose, it may feel effortless. It just seems like we stumbled upon our purpose. Like some divine force reached down and chose our purpose for us. Perhaps, like me, you just found something you loved at a young age and committed to it without second guessing. Despite the warnings of more pragmatic people in your life. Whether you have found yours or not, you will probably agree that having a purpose in life brings a sense of calm determination.


When I was eight and my parents put me in Martial Arts, I quickly grew bored and quit after a few years. I struggled to focus in school and didn’t really feel drawn to any activities besides watching TV. When my friends introduced me to Sifu Brown’s dojo, I felt an electric connection. I loved doing class and improving my technique. I also really felt like I belonged somewhere for the first time. The joy I felt pouring myself into learning Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu spilled out into the rest of my life. I found myself trying harder and excelling in school and with whatever else I pursued. This is part of the reason I fell in love with Martial Arts. The discipline I developed helped me improve myself in broad ways. It really felt like the saying master one thing, master all things.


This experience is shared by many people who have a clear purpose in life. It informs everything we do and gives us a clear sense of direction. It also gives meaning to what otherwise would seem to be mundane tasks. At the dojo, making attendance calls and cleaning the floor serves the higher purpose of teaching Martial Arts and self mastery. You may feel the same way about whatever you do at work if you are connected to a higher purpose. 


Maybe for you your purpose is to make a better future for your children. When I found out my wife Grace and I were having a baby (we’re due at the end of May!), it completely transformed my understanding of my purpose. It caused me to find new meaning in small things. Things that previously only had the significance that I ascribed to them by being mindful and in the present. Now, I’m thinking about how even my smallest actions will impact the future for my little girl and the rest of the world she will live in.


Whether you find purpose and meaning in a career, with your family or with something else, you’ll notice that purpose empowers you. It sharpens your focus, directs your actions and gives you energy. If you haven’t found a purpose yet, the good news is it’s never too late. You may remember what you had an effortless sense of joy pursuing when you were younger. Consider doing that, if even as a hobby.

Maybe you had a clear purpose years ago but have lost it in the grind of life. You feel like you’re trying to survive rather than thrive. Try connecting back to that. If you loved playing tennis but you haven’t made the time for it in the last few years, book that court now! Maybe you can’t play anymore but you remember the thing you loved most about it was spending time with your tennis friends, so call them up today! 

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As a lifetime student and instructor, Sifu Ryan Scott has seen the same transformation in the lives of his students as he has experienced in his own life. His passion for practice is surpassed only by his love for teaching martial arts. From young children to full-grown adults, his teachings of Kung Fu and Tai Chi have given many individuals the opportunity to become better martial artists, spiritual seekers, and just better people.

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