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You Want Greatness for Your Child and So Do We!

Is your kid ready for something more? Sure, our students have fun learning Kung Fu: punches, kicks, flying and spinning techniques, throws and grappling. But the truth is they’re also learning valuable life lessons. At the School of Martial Arts West LA, our classes teach discipline, confidence, concentration, accountability and an appreciation of what hard work can accomplish. We’ll get your child excited about fitness and learning in no time. Eventually, your child will have the privilege of mastering the most ancient style of martial arts, Kung Fu.

Sifu Ryan Scott Will Help Your Child Grow

Believe it or not, Sifu Ryan Scott didn’t become a role model overnight. In fact, he admits he was a bit of a problem child in his earlier years. When he was just a kid, learning martial arts became a huge breakthrough for him that helped him to mature and learn respect. In the same way that martial arts had a positive impact on him, it can do wonders for your child too.
Sifu Scott regularly works with kids to develop useful self defense skills while cultivating a positive attitude. Time and again, parents and teachers report improved behavior and grades in school. Before you know it, you’ll hear “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” at home!
Unlike other Kung Fu classes for kids, we don’t consider ourselves to be a “daycare” for your child. Wushu (our kid’s program) challenges children’s minds, keeps their bodies active, boosts their sportsmanship and proves invaluable for performing everyday activities. Our kids’ martial arts classes are conveniently available after school on weekdays and on Saturday mornings.
Our age-appropriate Kung Fu curriculum is divided into two classes:
Jr. Wushu: Age 5-8
Wushu: Age 9+
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