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Blog: What are you avoiding? How to do what needs to get done!

In this article we will explore why we avoid things and how practicing martial arts and meditation help us step up and do what needs to get done.

There’s a wonderful story in Zen Flesh, Zen Bones called Eating the Blame:

Circumstances arose one day which delayed preparation of the dinner of a Soto Zen master, Fugai, […]

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Blog: You are God

This post and all others are a product of my experience and understanding gained from practicing martial arts and meditation. Please consider what I say, as always, as just that. It may challenge what you believe about god, but I do not mean it as a refutation of any belief system.

You are god.

I don’t care […]

By |July 6th, 2017|Master the Moment|2 Comments

Blog: How Martial Arts Teaches us to Survive and Be Happy

Our brains aren’t designed to be happy. I read this in an article recently and my initial reaction was, “Well, that sucks.” A response which, it turns out, is explained perfectly by the article. This blog will talk about that, as well as how martial arts and meditation come into play to make use of […]

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Blog: Letting Go and Zen Archery

This year on retreat we did a few exercises designed to help our kung fu and tai chi students experience mushin, or a state of no-mind. One of these drills was something that we’ve never done before: zen archery. To be fair, this was a very quick approximation of zen archery. But we took the […]

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Blog: Stillness and Movement in Martial Arts

True power is stillness within motion.

                                                -Lao Tzu


Think about getting on a surfboard. I haven’t been surfing before, but I know this is tough. When I was a kid I stood on a surfboard in a pool, and balancing was almost impossible. The smallest wave made by my brother would send me toppling into the […]

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Blog: Legends of T’ai Chi

The internal Chinese martial arts are steeped in mystery. The most widely practiced of these styles is Tai Chi (also known as Taiji or Tai Chi Chuan). Stories of the men who developed their family styles of Tai Chi have become legend. Here are some of them.


Zhang Sanfeng

Zhang Sanfeng (also known as Chang San Feng) […]

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Blog: Super Bowl Momentum Living in the Moment and Martial Arts

I’ve been a little surprised over the last few days when I ask my students at the dojo if they watched the Super Bowl. (They are also probably surprised to hear someone talk about football in a martial arts school). Only around 10% of them say yes. It’s the most watched TV event in the […]

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Blog: Martial Arts Demonstration

Martial Arts Demonstration

This Saturday morning we are having a Wushu demonstration. All of our students are invited, and all kids are especially encouraged to come.

Demonstrations have been a part of martial arts for a very long time. First of all, for a student to properly learn, they must demonstrate their technique to whomever is teaching […]

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Blog: Action

Last week, the question of the week in the dojo was, “What is a quick decision you made that changed your life?” When I initially started thinking about this, I was trying to remember bad decisions I had made. There were plenty. One that sticks out was from when I was visiting Paris at 8 […]

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Blog: Martial Arts Discipline

Martial Arts Discipline


I have practiced martial arts every day for 16 years. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done every day besides eat, sleep, and meditate (I’ve probably skipped a few days of brushing my teeth and showering).

When I was 8 years old my parents put me in Taekwondo. I didn’t get it, didn’t […]

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