Blog: Role Models

The Question of the Week at the dojo is: Who are your role models? The term “role model” has always had a childish, boy scout-type connotation for me, but we’ll use it. Who do you model yourself after? Who do you look to for inspiration? We go through different stages in life and look towards [...]

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Blog: Finger Pointing the Way to the Moon

In an early scene from one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time, Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee is shown sparring with a student. Unsatisfied with the student’s performance, he implores him to throw his technique with emotional content. After a marked improvement, Bruce asks the student how it felt. “Let me think…” [...]

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Blog: You are God

This post and all others are a product of my experience and understanding gained from practicing martial arts and meditation. Please consider what I say, as always, as just that. It may challenge what you believe about god, but I do not mean it as a refutation of any belief system. You are god. I [...]

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Blog: Stillness and Movement in Martial Arts

True power is stillness within motion.                                                 -Lao Tzu   Think about getting on a surfboard. I haven’t been surfing before, but I know this is tough. When I was a kid I stood on a surfboard in a pool, and balancing was almost impossible. The smallest wave made by my brother would send me [...]

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Blog: Legends of T’ai Chi

The internal Chinese martial arts are steeped in mystery. The most widely practiced of these styles is Tai Chi (also known as Taiji or Tai Chi Chuan). Stories of the men who developed their family styles of Tai Chi have become legend. Here are some of them.   Zhang Sanfeng Zhang Sanfeng (also known as [...]

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